A Wanderlust At Heart! Here’s How Sukanya Is Taking Her Passion With Her To Her Grave With Help From Her Favourite Tattoo Artist in Kolkata

You read the title right! A Tattoo Artist in Kolkata is ensuring her passion stays with her! Here’s how.

So we all love travelling don’t we?

There’s something about getting away from the everyday mundane and monotonous activities, setting out into unchartered territory, embracing adventure and finding a home far away from home!

And while most of us live to travel, there are some folks the Travel to Live!

And Sukanya Pal is one such amazing woman. Here’s more about her!

Having covered vast terrains of snow, sand, mud and what-not on her motorcycle, Sukanya is synonymous to adventure touring to anyone who has anything to do with motorcycles in Kolkata!

So! When Sukanya rode in to our studio and asked her favourite Tattoo Artist in Kolkata about getting a tattoo about her passion for travelling, we knew we had an Herculean task at our hands!

She explained the 4 elements that she wanted in her tattoo –





And that was enough for her favourite Tattoo Artist in Kolkata to visualize and prepare a design!

Here’s what turned out!

We caught up with the ace traveller herself to get to know more about why she chose tattoo creed, her idea behind the tattoo and much more

Why did you choose Tattoo Creed?

Firstly because of Sinchan da, the owner of Tattoo Creed!  I know him personally and he is a dear friend.

Secondly, i know about the theme of tattoo creed and their core design concepts. I know tons of other tattoo artists but Tattoo Creed feels like home for the wanderlust in me

What was going through your head before getting the tattoo and your feeling now that it’s complete?

See, after telling about the components I got quite a vivid prototype of the design.

Rather, the design was a little too detailed.

For instance the exact finishing of my bike, the handle bars, the number plate; heck even the grooves on the chain, everything was too detailed.

So much so that I was skeptical if it would even be possible to replicate all of that on the tattoo.

In fact, I remember asking Sanjay, the tattoo artist if he thought it would be possible to get all this on the tattoo to which he said he’ll be able to get 80 to 90% of it on ink!

However, now that the tattoo is done, I’m amazed at the intricate detailing on the work!

How has your experience been so far?

I’ll keep it simple, this is my second seating with them today and I couldn’t have been more comfortable.

I sat the way I wanted, I’ve taken as many breaks as I wanted, I even had lunch here!

My tattoo is complete and I’ve found my favourite Tattoo Artist in Kolkata at Tattoo Creed!

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