Blood Donation After Tattooing and Piercing

Needless to mention that blood donation is a noble cause, and your recent tattoo will not hamper you from being a donor. There are many considerations which need to be acknowledged when it comes to blood donation after tattooing and piercing;  so let’s find out about them.

Does tattooing or piercing make you ineligible to donate blood?

Let us start off by busting some myths. Well, the fact of the matter is, you CAN donate blood after getting tattooed or pierced, BUT only after meeting a few requirements. A good rule of the thumb is that you might not be an eligible blood donor if your tattoo is less than a 6 months old. You can’t donate blood for the next six months just as a precautionary measure and the same rule applies for piercing as well.

Why do you need to wait?

Whenever you introduce metal, ink, or for that matter any other foreign object into your body, it will tamper with your immune system, which might make your body susceptible to harmful viruses. Which is why it is imperative to get your tattoo from a reputed place. At Tattoo Creed we follow a strict protocol to use sterile equipment, to ensure safe healing of the tattoo. 

Always get your tattoo done at a reputed, professional studio

At Tattoo Creed, we take all the precautions to make sure, that your tattoo experience is nothing less than perfect. But, if you get your tattoo done from a non-professional tattoo artist then chances are, that you might contract a few viruses in the process. Delectable antibodies are likely to appear within a 6-month to a year long window if you contract a bloodborne disease during the tattooing or piercing process. Introduction of foreign materials and pathogens during a piercing may pose serious harm to your health. If by any means, you contract a disease by tattooing and piercing, then it will show up in a blood screening even after twelve months, which is why it is why most donation camps do not accept blood from people who have been recently inked.

If your piercing or tattoo has been done keeping in mind strict cleanliness protocols of sterilization of the tools, like we do at Tattoo Creed then you do not have to worry about anything. However, it is always better to wait for at least 6 months before donating blood.

You got nothing to worry about!

Tattoos are a great way of self-expression, it brings out your personality and speaks volumes about your persona. At Tattoo Creed, your safety is our very first priority, which is why we make sure to use the best safety measures while abiding by all the necessary protocols. We make ink dreams come true without causing any harm to your health. As far as blood donation is concerned, you can donate prior to getting a tattoo, and even after it, because we take care of your safety to the best of our abilities.

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