Tattoo Creed Couple Tattoos

Thinking of gifting the perfect Valentines Day gift to BAE? We’ve got something special in store for you!

February the 14th is not far away and with the cool winter breeze still doing the rounds, ‘love is certainly in the air’. But why would you be interested in reading a blog about valentines day on the website of a tattoo studio in Kolkata? Just hold on for a few more minutes as we give you another reason to fall in love all over again.
When we think of Valentines Day a few things instantly pop in our minds. After all, it’s the day of love. Where to go out with your special friend, what to gift them, how to make him/her feel special.

Ever thought wouldn’t it be perfect if both partners can share a gift on this special day? Yes you guessed it right we are talking about couple tattoos.
Wait, what’s going on in your head when you hear the term couple tattoos? It’s not all about having the same tattoos on each other’s hand or something.

Let us show you a few examples of some excellent and really well-made couple tattoos.

Now that you have seen a few examples let us tell you what we have in store for you. Being one of the best Tattoo Studio’s in Kolkata this Valentine’s day we’ve come up with a really interesting concept. If love is something which gets doubled on sharing why wouldn’t your tattoo be the same. Starting from 1st February 2019 until 10th February 2019 Tattoo Creed is actually going to give a one on one for any couple tattoo that is being done.

That’s it?

That’s not all, we are not going to give you our set of designs from which you need to choose. You can actually come over with your own design ideas, consult with our artists. The couple tattoos that is to be done in this offer will be up to 12 sq.inch. All of this at half the price. Tattoos will only be done on prior appointments only. So grab this offer before the seats are filled up.

Couple Tattoos!!

Get that perfect pair of Tattoo symbolising your love for each other at our premium Tattoo Studio

Is it only for Couples?

No, not at all. Valentine’s day is a day of love. So if you love someone dearly and would ideally want to get that love inked we have you covered. SO be it your siblings, parents or a very dear friend you can avail this offer too. Just look at this piece we had created for Anjali and Preeti. Look how beautifully the sisters are connected both at an emotional and ink level too 😉

Tattoo Creed Couple Tattoos

So what are you waiting for?

If you had ever thought of surprising your bea with a unique gifting idea which he/she would love, this might just be it.
This offer is valid for the first 10 customers only so hurry up and get your appointments made.
You may hit us up at +91-8584837900 and get a free consulting too if you think that will help you in convincing your partner.

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