Tattoo Hygiene – Your Local Tattoo Parlour WON’T TALK About This!

Now if we asked you what’s the most important part about getting a tattoo. What would you say?
For some it’s the precision, for others it may be the design and for some its the attention to detail.

However, at Tattoo Creed, what’s most important to us is HYGIENE!

Yes, for us everything else takes a back seat the moment your health comes into question.

And while every other tattoo parlour may preach all high and mighty about hygiene not all of them are as high on following the rules.

The Tattoo Creed way!

The science of Tattoo Hygiene

We at Tattoo Creed have a checklist of sorts before we begin work on any piece of art!

A sealed pack of needles & cartridges at Tattoo Creed!
  • Fresh pair of gloves
  • Fresh needles and cartridges with expiry check.
  • Ink expiry check.
  • Wrapping & unwrapping of equipment and workstations after each tattoo session. (Arm-stands, workstation, chairs/beds, clip-coads, machines, sprays bottles, lamps, tabs)
  • Using of equipment disinfectants like Bacillol 25, Korsolex and steam autoclave. 
  • Use of hand disinfectants like Sterelium , Microshield and alcohol swabs.
  • During work using antibacterial and skin soothing products like greensoap, Intenz cleansee, Hustle butter etc.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Tattoos and Hygiene are a couple that are best when sticking together!
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If your body is your canvas then keeping the canvas infection – free is our job. #tattoohygiene

By the way, have you checked out our brand video yet? It’s the perfect virtual tour of our tattoo studio. It’s sure to give you a better understanding of our Tattoo Hygiene policy

From the top of the line disinfectants to sterilization of the rooms and chambers, we leave literally no stone unturned till we’d feel safe ourselves to get a tattoo done. That’s the #tattoocreed promise

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Not just tattoos !

While the world knows us as a tattoo parlour what’s less known is that we’re equally equipped with the procedure and art of piercings.

And when it comes to hygiene as far as piercings are concerned, we maintain global standards as well

For piercing we follow same hygiene process and use only high quality imported surgical steel grade and titanium jewellery.

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