Tattoos! Are They All That New To Our Culture

A Trip About The History of Tattoos With Tattoo Creed

‘Eta ki?’, ‘Maatha kharab hoye gechay tor?’,
‘Paagal ho kya?’,‘Nikal jao ghar se!’,
‘Ber ho baari theke!’, ‘Leave my house!’.

These are probably the reactions you’ll probably get if you go home one fine day after college/work and tell mom/dad that you got yourself a permanent tattoo.

However, is getting inked actually so much of a taboo?
Or is it just a wannabe mimicry of the west?

Well, tattoos, in India, have been prevalent since the ancient of ancient times.

Yeah, let that sink in for a bit.

Let’s go back in time for a moment now.

From the royal monarch to the tribal villager all have had tattoos for reasons more than one.
From caste branding to medical/therapeutic purposes to simply cordoning off the royals; or an average man’s flair for art, tattoos have been a part of India’s culture from time immemorial.

While body art was very prevalent among the warlike tribes of the northeast as they regarded tattoos as a sign of strength because of the pain associated with the piercing process, among the Toda tribe of South India, the hands and calves and shins are tattooed with the same geometric patterns used in their embroidery as a part of their culture

Now that you think about it, this fact seems to be the only binding factor for the varied castes and creeds of the past at a time discriminations were vast.

Coming back to the topic though, are tattoos actually all that unfamiliar and a tabboo?

Not really right!?

Now we’re not asking you to go get a tattoo but when you visit any college campus or go to your local mall and spot the ‘cool guy’, with an arms’ length tattoo or one by his neck, out of the crowd you do think to yourself,  ‘I can get that too’.


The Tattoo Creed Way

However, while it’s easy to just walk in to any tattoo parlour, select a design from the catalogue which fits your budget, select a precious square inch of your body and be the ‘cool guy’ you saw at the mall. It’s difficult to accept the work of art for a lifetime.

Tattooing is an art and not just a means to look cool, it is a form of expression coupled with the intensity to pull it off.

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