Want A Reason Why Tattoo Creed is The Most Loved Tattoo Studio in Kolkata? Here’s 5 Reasons!

Now anyone can claim to be the most-loved tattoo studio in Kolkata but we at Tattoo Creed go the distance to ensure the we earn your affection!

And when it comes to our work, we don’t just claim to be the best at the trade ourselves, we get our customers to vouch for it!

Here’s presenting why Tattoo Creed is the most loved tattoo Studio in Kolkata!

Debolina Mukherjee

A biker at heart, Debolina got inked with the next best thing to her motorcycle – her helmet! Here’s her take on our job.
Debolina isn’t your average biker girl, she’s covered the perilous terrains of Gurudongmar Lake on her two-wheeler!

Amazing work done by Sanjay. Unique tattoo collection. Thanks to Sinchan da. Less painful, totally homely atmosphere. Comfortable and hygienic also. Perfect address for tattoo lovers.

Sumit Chakraborty

A lover of Lord Buddha, Sumit has got his devotion permanently etched onto his forearm.

We at Tattoo creed aren’t just another tattoo studio in Kolkata, we understand what our clients want; and after getting inked, our clients share a permanent bond with us, quite literally!

Did my first tattoo from here and am happy to share that I am fully satisfied with their work. Thanks to Sinchan da for the idea and Sanjay for making it a great one.

Dipannita Mukherjee

In my tattoo which is a mandala, my artist had blended the realism and oriental art in a mandala pattern, which is a mixture of three different art forms keeping the feminine flavor of a bold Leo lady.

Rohit Bagchi

Amazing experience. Great work. Detailing was picture perfect. Tattoo Creed is doing exceptional work. Keep it up!

At Tattoo Creed, we understand and appreciate the artist in everyone. And while everyone may not know exactly what is it that they want, they have a rough idea about the art that they want to get inked with. We specialize in digging out what they have in mind and give shape to it. This is what helps us differentiate ourselves from just another tattoo studio in Kolkata!

Sinchan Ghosh – Tattoo Creed

Yishi Chakrabarty

A cozy environment and really talented, forthcoming professionals make it a great experience. This was my first tryst with tattooing,but for all my anxious thoughts while heading to the parlour, it turned out to be really smooth and hassle-free. Even though it was my first one, it was an extensive one. The tattoo looks gorgeous.

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